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The most exciting young horses around 💥
The most exciting young horses around 💥

Having spent the last few years being a little low on horse power, we’re pretty sure we have built a lovely team back up and we’re ready and raring to go for 2023!

I personally think these are some of the smartest young horses around and we couldn’t be more excited to show the world what they can do.

We took them out XC schooling for the first this year and it was the first time with me for 3 of them! I got off each and every one absolutely buzzing (which is totally unlike me, XC schooling isn’t my favourite!)

In order of appearance -
Chilli Morning IV - 6yo stallion
Chillis Jester - 7yo gelding
Cooley Couture - 6yo mare
Cooley Park Muse - 7yo gelding (we’re looking to syndicate his ownership!)

Out out for the first time in 2023 ⭐️
Out out for the first time in 2023 ⭐️

First off the yard outing of year with some very exciting young event and jumping horses yesterday.

All ridden as always in Childeric Saddles and Equitex pads and I’m dressed head to toe in fabulous Coldstream Equestrian who all support Team Stevens because they are the very best in the business!

In the order the horses appear:

Chilli Morning IV
Cooley Couture
Cooley Park Muse
Chillis Jester
Balou For Pleasure
Cinsey Blue PS

The future is look VERY bright ⭐️



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