05. Flash Cooley (Casper)


168 cm
Year of birth


05. Flash Cooley (Casper)


CSF Mr Kroon


Castlefield Ruby


Obos Quality 004

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Blenheim Palace International
Blenheim Palace International

What a great week we had with Jalapeño owned by Chris and Lisa Stone and Flash Cooley owned by Pru Dawes.
Both did super tests with a few little mistakes here and there to lie 2nd and 10th respectively.
I had the most amazing xc day with both horses flying around inside the time and finishing so strongly and feeling incredible, was beyond chuffed with them both!
They both trotted up perfectly the next day with a real spring in their steps!
Flash Cooley then jumped an immaculate clear SJ round to finish up 5th and Jalapeño unfortunately touched one back rail which fell to end up 7th - that was expensive!
But 2 in the top 10 was a brilliant way to finish and to have Flash Cooley go so well around his 1st 4*L was just brilliant - I am so excited for the future with this plucky little super star.
Jala is feeling as good as ever and maybe just maybe we can win a big one she’s so capable!
Massive thank you to Charlotte Overton who turned both horses out absolutely immaculately all week and works so hard at home as well to make sure they arrive in the best possible way.
I know she’s very fond of both of these ponies and also loves Blenheim so it was a good week!

Millstreet International
Millstreet International

It’s a mission of a journey and we hit the ground running when we got back as we have the jumpers at Hickstead this week starting at 8am Wednesday morning! No rest for the wicked!
What a FANTASTIC event Millstreet is, from the friendly, helpful stewards & the fab parking attendants to the office team and the beautifully prepared and presented educational SJ & XC courses. The cherry on the top was the amazing ground on the XC - we absolutely WILL be going back!
All my horses went beautifully, their dressage tests just couldn’t have gone any better, their showjumping rounds were brilliant and huge improvements for both my young 7yo Chilli babies with just one very silly touch of one rail for Flash Cooley (very rare so we will forgive him…)
Every one of my horses gave me wonderful confident rides xc and I felt on good form too which is rare so super nice!
I felt all of the horses results were extremely well earned and deserved. Good ponies!!
🥇 Jalapeño owned by Chris and Lisa Stone 4*S
🥉 Flash Cooley owned by Pru Dawes 4*S
🥇 Chilli King owned by Chris and Lisa Stone and Chris and Clare Mathias 2*S
🥈 Chilli Wednesday owned by Chris and Lisa Stone 2*S.
Fantastic preparation for their autumn 3 days.
Thank you so much to my team at home for keeping all my other horses going. We had a win and a 2nd the first day of Hickstead with the jumpers and there is just no way I could do any of it without the whole team.